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The Lanford Family Ranch

We are the Lanford family. With a deep background of ranching in New Mexico and working hard to continue that family tradition. We work hard to provide the best quality of meat and service from our family to yours. 

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Doc Lanford started Lanford Livestock in 1981 with 12 cows on one piece of property. Over the years he has grown the ranch by adding more cattle, more land and farm acreage as well as teaching his two sons Dick and Ben how to be cattleman. All three men served in the Marines and after serving Dick and Ben joined their father in the family business in 2013. The ranch today runs 150 cattle on approximately 20,000 acres in Southwestern New Mexico. We have recently expanded to raising 1000 pastured chickens and turkeys each year as well on the farmland. Each day we continue to improve the ranch in little ways and be as sustainable as possible. Not only to keep the family ranch for generations to come, but to continue to provide the best quality of meat for your families as well.  



With 20,000 acres of pastureland and 60 acres of permanent pasture on our farm, our cattle, chicken, and turkey always have access to green pastures. We work hard each day to provide for our cattle and sustain this family ranch for generations to come. We hope you enjoy our ranch raised meats that come directly from our ranch to your table. 

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